Why not? : sex education of the mentally handicapped

AUBERTIN Lise (Auteur) ; DAKESSIAN Ara (Auteur) ; MOLEY Jacques (Auteur) ; SHKLARSKY Myriam (Traducteur)

Hopital Rivière des Prairies


53 p.

V 08.1.1 WHY

Education sexuelle ; Handicap mental ; Reproduction ; Sexualité ; EVRAS

Sex live - as long it is not fallaciously associated to the erotic and genital aspects only - is indispensable to the full development of the retarded, as well as of any human being. It cannot be amputated and reproved by repressive conditionings in the name of an eugenism that is not admitted and covers in reality a refusal, more or less accompanied by agressivity, of the mentally retarded, simply the exercise of a right to love indissoluble from the right to live and whoever proclaims the one, cannot amputate it from the other. Dr R. Bascou - Neuro-psychiatrist-

We would like to show to our children that sexuality is made of tenderness, affection and love. It is not only an incitation to copulate.
Starting from what we know and live, we proceed to a more spiritual communication, exchange, mutual sacrifice.
Our mission is: let everybody discover the beauty, the respect that accompagny the sexual act. The Authors

Notes : Titre original : Vivre sa vie.

Langue : Anglais

Localisation : Centre de Ressources Handicaps et Sexualités

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